Lakeview honors team volunteers

by Louise R. SHAW

BOUNTIFUL—One has donated his expertise in countries throughout the world to help improve children’s smiles, one returns to Haiti every other year to help build homes and provide food, another volunteers here at home, touching lives with her wit, wisdom and smile.

All three are part of the team at Lakeview Hospital and were honored with the Frist Humanitarian Award recently. The award is given annually to a physician, employee and volunteer affiliated with Hospital Corporation of America, according to Colby Fosmark, director of physician relations at Lakeview Hospital.

“The award is based on how they do in the community over and above their work,” said Fosmark.

Gregory Kjar, a plastic surgeon at Lakeview, was the physician honored at the awards program. Kjar is “loved by the staff,” said Fosmark. “He is a good example to our community as he goes to different countries to give free care to underprivileged children.”

Kjar is “extremely down to earth and incredibly compassionate,” reads the nomination submitted for the award. “He cares so much for the satisfaction and comfort of his patients and treats employees with kindness and respect.”

In 1987, Kjar became involved with Operation Smile, an international medical charity that provides free surgeries for children with cleft lip, cleft palate or other facial deformities.

Since then, he has completed hundreds of surgeries during 15 two-week volunteer missions to Kenya, Romania, Honduras, Brazil, Peru and the Philippines, according to the nomination.

Lacie Doman, a respiratory therapist, was selected to receive the Frist Award in the employee category.

She and her husband, Jason, go to Haiti every other year for two weeks, where they do everything from helping build homes to providing meals for underweight children.

“They spend their own money and give two weeks of their own time to help the people in Haiti,” reads the nomination. “They also sponsor two children there. When Lacie talks about Haiti, she does it with excitement, love and a smile. You can tell that her service is something she loves and cherishes.”

Lucille Mason has been volunteering at Lakeview Hospital for 37 years and has contributed over 5,800 hours of service, according to the nomination. She was the volunteer selected for the award.

In her work as a gift shop cashier, and in leadership capacities on the volunteer board, she has “touched many lives,” according to the nomination.

“From humble beginnings, Lucille has cultivated a fond appreciation for life and is quick to point out the blessings she has received,” it reads. “Lucille’s gratitude for life has been reflected in her lifelong ambition to serve others.”

The Frist Award was established to honor Thomas F. Frist, Sr., a physician and founder of HCA, according to Fosmark. She indicated that it was established to recognize individuals “who serve the community and those in need and whose daily dedication and caregiving epitomize the highest standards of quality and personal commitment.”


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