Steven C. Carlson


In the early morning hours of Feb. 17, 2018, our very opinionated and loving brother lost his short battle with cancer at his home in Centerville.

His life was filled with ocean sunsets and cocktails. Sailing on the Great Salt Lake, cars, gardening (his yard, yours or any of his neighbors yards), travel, friends and family gatherings.

He was our “go to” person on family history and the glue that kept us connected with each other.

Steve was born in Provo,  on April 4, 1948.  Graduating from Provo High School, class of 66. He served in the Army during the Vietnam conflict.

He lived in Colorado, California, Maryland, Texas, and coming home to Utah to selflessly care for his parents, Robert M. Carlson and Karma Ray Richardson Carlson, who preceded him in death.

He leaves behind three sisters Meredith Anne Gibson, Brenda Rae ( Derek ) Mehl, Karrie Lyn ( Troy ) Carlson, who loved and adored him and who will miss the shared humor of running with scissors and flip-flops. His need to tell you how to make whatever project you were struggling with better at his suggestion (which were flawless)!

Gone is the uncle who was the emergency ride home or a substitute chauffeur for 12 nieces and nephews and 16 greats.

He leaves behind many neighbors who became dear friends and countless friends who appreciated his twisted sense of humor, limo rides and fine dining.

His private graveside service, which was held on Friday, March 2, 2018, was just what he wanted but certainly not what we expected him to request. A celebration of life was held at his home in Centerville on Saturday, March 3, 2018.

We miss you Bubba!


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Suzy Farish

I had no idea he was so bad off! We were hoping to plan a trip to California to see Lee and Linda. Also trying to plan lunch with Judy (my sister). It seemed the time was never right! Now the time is gone! I am so sad! He was always the caretaker, worrying and doing for everyone else. I enjoyed him so much! His crazy sense of fun and humor. I loved him so much and will miss him greatly!

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