Voters make their choices in primary elections

by Tom HARALDSEN Some incumbents and some newcomers emerged victorious in primary elections that concluded Tuesday night. We will have a long recap story in our July 5 issue of the Davis Clipper. As of 10 p.m. before we went to press, here were the vote totals reported through the Davis County Clerk’s office: U.S. House District 1- Democrat Lee Castillo 1851 Kurt Weiland 1238 Utah House District 19-Republican Ray Ward 4424 Phill Wright 2226 Utah House District 20-Republican Melissa Ballard 2103 Matt Jensen 1881 Glen G. Jenkins 1050 Davis County Commission Seat A- Republican Bob J. Stevenson 21831 Brian Muir 18221 Davis County Commission Seat B- Republican Tony Christopulos 7928 Lorene Kamalu 16598 Bruce Young 15507 Davis School Board District 3 Beth Barber 2709 Susan Firmage 3077 Julie Tanner 4039 Davis School Board District 6 Erin Blankenship 974 Bonnie Bourgeous 1795 Marie Stevenson 3675


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