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There is nothing wrong with hating people as long as they deserve it
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 The opinions stated in this article are solely those of the author and not of The Davis  Clipper.


I hate people! Oh, not everyone. I don’t hate the 90% of the people who go about their daily life, contributing to society, and not annoying anyone else.

Then you have the wing-nuts. Frankly, I cannot hate them either because they are too amusing. (You can tell a wing-nut when he or she starts babbling about secret societies controlling the world, or Pres. Obama being the anti-Christ, or the U.S. moon landing being a fabrication.)

But there are mean and cruel people – and I have a God-given right to hate them, despise them, and cheer for their disappearance.  One example of a wretched human being is the writer of a letter which has become viral on the Internet.  Granted, I cannot verify the accuracy of the letter, but I don’t doubt that there is such a putrefied soul.

The letter was written and delivered to Karla Begley, a mother who is raising an autistic son. Below are some of the milder parts of the letter:

“I also live in this neighborhood and I have a problem. You had a kid who is mentally handicapped and you consciously decided that is would be a good idea to live in a close proximity neighborhood like this????  You selfishly put your kid outside everyday (sic) and let him be nothing but a nuisance and a problem to everyone else with that noise polluting whaling (sic) he constantly makes....It scares the hell out of my normal children!

When your idiot kid needs fresh air, take him to our park, you dope!!!! We have a nature trail. Let him run around those places and make noise! Crying babies, music, and even barking dogs are normal sounds in a residential neighborhood. He is not!!!”

The rage gets even worse and even more bitter, and, in the end, the writer encourages the mother to euthanize the child for the betterment of the community.

Several readers told me that they were aghast at the letter. They only wish they could identify the letter writer and give her a piece of their mind.    

I told the readers that if they could identify the woman, I would volunteer my efforts. What would I do? I might write her a letter.

“Dear Anonymous Mother. You are correct. We have a rather nice neighborhood here and we are disturbed by the problem in our midst.  Since we respect the law, we will take up a small collection and purchase your home so you can opt-out of the neighborhood.  

We can’t offer you a whole lot of money, but considering what your neighbors want to do to you, we could advise you to accept the cash and leave us in peace!

“There will not be enough money for you to purchase a home in a comparable neighborhood. However, we are sure a real estate agent can find you a suitable place to live.

“We would suggest a swamp. Or maybe a volcano. Or, at best, a small hut inside a sewage treatment plant.”

And I would sign the letter, “Hatefully, Cyclops.”

There is nothing wrong with hating people – as long as it is just a few who truly deserve it.

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