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There must be bigger issues to worry about than the city hall
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Dear Editor,

Much has been written about the proposed city hall complex in downtown Bountiful, mainly by those who are against it. I am not sure if their arguments hold much weight or validity, but here’s what I do know. Having a central gathering place, complete with a plaza and community center, and maybe a veteran’s monument, makes a lot of sense to me.

The current city hall is not the city center. It’s inconvenient for those who have difficulty climbing stairs, it has no lobby or “welcoming” area for visitors, and it doesn’t seem very functional. Having looked at what other cities have been doing with their new city halls, I also note that they all have community rooms that can be rented out for wedding receptions, family parties, etc. While we have private facilities in town that provide those types of centers, it’d be nice for the public sector to offer the same.

I’ve also heard through the grapevine that some citizens are discontent with the current city council. Funny, but when the last election was held for open seats in 2015, three of the current members ran unopposed. I think that either speaks to the quality and confidence the electorate had in them, or the apathy of Bountiful voters until some “hot” issue comes along.

Will a new city center improve the economics of downtown Bountiful? Most likely not much – because the merchants mix will stay the same and there’s not a lot of variety among the retailers on Main Street. But having a place for community events as well as an inviting city hall can’t hurt, particularly if the current site can be sold and/or redeveloped into something profitable.

The city has the money to do this, the leaders were elected to make choices on how to spend that money, and they should be trusted and allowed to. There has to be bigger issues to worry about than this one. Please, let’s give this a rest.


A happy Bountiful resident

(Name withheld by request)

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March 03, 2017
There were/are bigger issues to worry about than city hall and thankfully our city leaders came to their senses and will now give attention to them. Upkeep of parks, roads, water lines, walking paths, sidewalks, city owned buildings, Five-Points, etc. Need I say more?
January 31, 2017
Will the real council member that posted this please stand up?
January 31, 2017
Dear happy Bountiful resident-

As the Mayor once said, “get informed or get a life.”

You mention how apathetic the residents are until a “hot” issue comes along…then 2 statements later you exclaim that the city has the money and the residents should just let the “leaders” do whatever they want with it. Make up your mind.

Yours truly,

Unhappy Bountiful resident.

January 31, 2017
Why do you need to hide your name?
January 31, 2017
I am consistently amazed at residents who say that just because we have the money we shouldn't be concerned about this. Are you serious? This is OUR TAX MONEY!! We're talking about millions of dollars here. There are so many other needs in Bountiful city that are far more important than a new city hall. Parks, streets, water pipes, etc.

Yes Bountiful voters can be apathetic but that doesn't make this issue any less important to pay attention to. Over 4,000 residents of Bountiful recently signed a petition asking to be able to vote on this. Should our city leaders really be able to spend this much money without residents being able to vote on it?

Build a gathering place - a plaza. We simply do not need a new city hall. Save the money either for a rainy day or for our much needed infrastructure.
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